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become an optimist

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Would you consider yourself an optimist or a pessimist?

Whatever you answered, I want you to know they are both connected to your level of self-worth. Optimism is foundational for self-worth, especially when it comes to achieving goals.

If you possess that, people will describe you as rarely critical. You see the upside of most situations and often uplift people, and when it comes to you meeting adversities, they’d say you tackle them with an ‘I can overcome this’ attitude.

You also recognise every achievement along the way to a goal as a successful step in becoming the person you need to be, to achieve what you desire. And, if you ever mess up or miss the mark in some way, it’s not through lack of trying, commitment or hard work. When it happens, you are never self-critical. You choose to learn from situations, speak reassuring words to yourself and remain focused on maintaining your forward momentum, because nothing is going to stop you achieving what your Soul Desires.


Recognising you have a persistent energising impulse to be, do or have a certain experience is what I call a soul’s desire. You have it because your soul is whispering… ’you have the ability to achieve this’, so go get it.

A Soul’s Desire asks you to undergo a specific journey of self-transformation to achieve successive breakthroughs and when that work is complete, it coincides with your Soul’s Desire being realised.

If you want to dive deeper and find out how a Soul's Desire can radically transform your world - it's all in Everyday Miracle Maker.

To learn more about the value of optimism and self-worth, get in touch, and whatever you do – don’t stop going after what you want. You were given that desire for a reason!

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