I offer a range of one-on-one coaching programs ranging from hourly sessions to sessions that run for weeks.

In all of my programs you’ll learn energy mastery knowledge and techniques to help you fast track the outcomes you're looking for. This is a game changer for many clients and it will be for you too.  If you enjoy informed learning backed up by research, practical and easy to remember techniques, you'll find any of my programs valuable and enjoyable, no matter if you are new to this or not.  


You’ve probably heard it all before. Set goals, focus on objectives and hustle until you achieve them. That’s the secret to living a successful life, well at least that’s what most coaching programs will tell you. I call this the ‘outside in’ and from my experience, it lacks a deeper understanding around what you desire and why, and that approach isn't fulfilling in the long run.

I prefer to work the opposite way – from the inside out. My approach focuses on helping you create alignment in your inner world first and then between your inner and outer world, so you can experience fulfilment in any area of your life. I’ve had the privilege of working with and seeing profound shifts in people of all kinds.

And yes, my style is still structured, methodical and practical. My combination of experience, skills and knowledge allows me to understand you in a way that goes beyond conventional coaching. My coaching qualifications extend that of traditional mentors because I supplement my offering with medical intuition expertise. 

Put simply, I’m trained to see you in a way that most of the world can’t. 

Before becoming a coach, I spent decades in the corporate world, and it was during that time my medical intuitive ability emerged.  I spent eight years working in a medical centre alongside medical professionals in both allopathic and complementary medicine. Medical Intuition was not an ability I knew existed – it appeared after I chose to stop repressing my intuition. I’ve since spent that past decade refining my skills to help others achieve results they've dreamt about. 

How is my medical intuition expertise beneficial to you?

It gives me the ability to identify subtle nuances in how you use your energy to help yourself or hinder your progress, in your career or life generally. If you want change and fast, this information is golden. 

But more than that, I can train you how to do all of this for yourself.

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