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Medical Intuition is a form of intuition that's concerned with perceiving information concerning the human body. I'm able to explain the connection between the quality of the energy in your energy field and how that's linked to a condition that you might be experiencing in your body, mind and more broadly your life.  I worked in a medical centre for 8 years alongside allopathic doctors using this skill to help individuals shift symptoms and conditions.

afterlife communication

By now you've worked out I'm no ordinary coach. 


Why afterlife communication? 


I've seen the profound healing effect a message from someone whose passed can have on a person.  The experience has taught me, finding ways to connect with our lost loved ones is an important part of the grief process.  Healing comes in different forms for each person, this is one of those ways.

The other reason is around my receptivity to supporting the people I work with.  Occasionally, a loved one in spirit connected to a person I'm working with, may gate crash a coaching session.  The reason they often cite is they have waited years to get a message to this person and this was their first opportunity.  Having passed on those messages when they occur I've consistently seen the profound and positive affect they have had on the recipient.

remote HEALING

Your body is made up of electromagnetic energy which responds to healing attention and intention.  As we are both connected by a field of consciousness which is vast, geographical distance ( you could be on the other side of the globe) is no barrier to this form of energy healing reaching you. Since 2004 I've been supporting people world-wide in this way. This service is an inclusion in all medical intuitive consultations.

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