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Does consciousness survive physical death?

Why I've incorporated this work in my coaching practice

I've seen the profound healing effect a message from a someone whose passed can have on people I work with.  The experience has taught me, finding ways to connect with our lost loved ones is an important part of the grief process.  It comes in different forms for each person, this is one of those ways.

The other reason is around my receptivity to supporting the people I work with.  Occasionally, a loved one in spirit connected to who I'm working with, can make themselves known to me.  The reason they often cite is they have waited years to get a message to this person and this was their first opportunity.  Having passed on dozens of those messages when they've occurred they've consistently had a profound and positive affect on the recipient.

The first time I came face to face with that reality was when I was a child and my grandfather appeared at the top of the staircase in our family home with a message for my mum who was in a deep state of grief. 


He appeared to me objectively, wearing clothes I recognised, had renewed health and was radiant.  A far cry from my last memories of him.  Even though I didn't fully understand the message he gave me for my mum, I passed it on to her anyway.  On hearing my news; mum told me she was shocked because she had cried herself to sleep the night prior praying to God that her dad might know how much she missed him.  I knew mum wanted to believe me, yet I could sense she struggled to understand what I said had happened.  I had no warning it was going to happen, the events just unfold like I shared, while I didn't understand what took place, I knew for sure it was him because when he appeared all the love I felt in my heart for him and I knew he held in his heart for me just showered through my body the entire time he was speaking.

That was one of many visits and each time he appeared he provided an extraordinary piece of evidence to confirm to my mother that he had either listened to her thoughts or he knew what she was up to.  One day mum said to me, I now believe it's him I just don't understand why I can't see him too.

My grandfather opened the door and walked through it, and since that time I've had the privilege to communicate with a large number of people that reside in that dimension of life who have shared their healing messages with me to pass on to those they've left behind.

This happened quite by chance...

well so I thought.


"Silvana told me she was seeing a lady - it was my mum, wearing her Paspaley pearls.

She saw mum and I cooking and dancing around the kitchen to ABBA records - a much loved Saturday tradition of ours.  Mum asked "why hadn't I been cooking

as much lately? That was one of my happy places and that I needed

to get back there - the kitchen was where she could feel close to me again". 

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