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Decision- making is about making choices that resonate deeply, not just logically. Uncertainty in decision making can be a roadblock for even the most accomplished people I work with.  What people say about working with me.


The session focus can be your career, business or another area of your life.

You may have been brought here by coincidence, or perhaps by guidance; either way, it signifies a pivotal moment in your path.  In a world overflowing with data, decisions, and distractions, reconnecting with your inner guidance is crucial.  The path to clarity isn’t just about making logical choices, but finding the alignment of those choices with your inner and outer self.

Blending my distinct skills (my skills are explained down the page.  About Me) as a decision-making strategist, to provide a unique blend of guidance that has assisted business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs in merging strategy with soulful insights, resulting in sustainable success in career, business, and life.

In this session, we'll explore a specific goal and create a plan to set you on the right path.

After our video session, you'll receive:

1. A recording of our meeting to refer to.

2. An actionable summary of the 3 highest impact steps to take. 
3. My InnerSense LogicMap to guide your decisions to avoid uncertainty.
4. A customised template for my IPLAEI Goal Accomplishment Framework
5. A road map for the next 3-6 months.


You'll hear form me within 24 hours of making your booking, including receiving a detailed agenda for our time together which will be tailored to the objectives you share during booking about the goal we'll be working on.


A little About Me

PCC credentialed coach with the International Coaching Federation

I'm qualified to guide you towards the personal transformation you need to make it all happen.

Professional Intuitive & Spiritual Medium

I'm able to use this expertise to help you deepen your connection to yourself at a deeper level to accelerate your insights to make the transformation needed.  For 8 years I focused my ability on a specialisation called medical intuition and worked in a medical centre supporting people to restore their health and wellbeing.

Meditation Teacher

To learn more about my training, courses and my free weekly event, Monday meditation event. 


I've worked in corporate companies with turnovers under $3M, $50M and others in excess of $100M where I've applied the gold I'll be sharing with you.


Whether your business makes physical or digital products, whether you sell services only, or you're a consultant, advisor, service provider or executive what I will teach you can be easily understood and applied right away to start transforming your life.


I've assisted business leaders, service providers, executives, and entrepreneurs in aligning with their soul's desires.

The result? Clearer decisions, profound personal realisations, and meaningful results in career, business, and life.

People I work with have come from the following sectors;

banking and finance, medical, fashion, art, design, beauty, scientific research, education, government, insurance, telecommunications, technology, luxury goods, travel, aged care, elite sport, law, farming.

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