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a clear vision work and life future with landscape populated with symbolic symbols for hea

Vision Creation

Create a clear vision for your future  to help you define your aspirations and make strategic decisions to turn your vision into reality.

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Professional Growth & Development

Propel your work forward with a unique blend of intuitive and strategic coaching. Access knowledge and broaden your skills to achieve your goals.

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Decision Certainty

Build decision certainty with a structured approach to working with intuition alongside logic. Reduce hesitation and second-guessing, making decisions with confidence and conviction.

a brightly coloured image of live and online events for development and connection to cult

Personal Growth

Live in person and online events, workshops and programs to help you overcome internal blocks, develop a strong sense of self and to better equip you to achieve your highest potential.

a 3d illustration of a compass for north south east west direction to move toward your rea

Clarity and Direction

Gain a deeper understanding of what your soul desires in your work and life. Receive intuition training & guidance on how to navigate complex decisions with confidence.

an illustration of a business person meditating while they float on a cloud in a blue sky

Mindset Management

Master your mind to increase positive self talk, increase mental energy and to maintain focus and momentum towards achieving your aspirations.

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"I remembered thinking getting a big role would be difficult, then I did the work with Silvana and 7 days later I met a guy doing a start up and the rest is history".

-Michael Tuffy, CEO |  Customer Advocate 

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"I realised through working with Silvana there were other ways I could help people. I began exploring 1/1 consulting and life coaching and that brought me a whole other level of fulfilment"

-Anthony Ko, Management Consultant | Coach


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"I've brought a big dream to reality ...

The coaching journey with Silvana helped me transform myself to become who I needed to be to launch my brand and develop my business into the success it is today".

-Chey Birch, Founder, Skincare Brand Black Chicken Remedies

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