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Featured in the book Everyday Miracle Maker. 


For over a decade I’ve been working with and sharing Sacred Light Aromatherapeutic Mist.

It’s an inspired combination of 7 essential oils that have been blessed to increase and raise the vibrational frequency of what it comes into contact with.


Essential oils have healing and supportive frequencies.  If you struggle to get into the right head space for creative work, meditation or decision-making, you’ll find it useful. It’s also wonderful to clear the air of any unsupportive energy at home or work.


If you need a positivity boost (whether it’s related to work, family or your romantic life) have a clear intention on your mind while in the room spraying Sacred Light Aromatherapeutic Mist. It’ll help you create the supportive frequency shifts in your mind, body and in the spaces you occupy. 



How to use:

Shake bottle and with your eyes closed, raise the bottle above your head and pump the atomiser to release 3 sprays of fine mist.  Breath it in lightly as it showers down around you.

The divine scent of Sacred Light Aromatherapeutic Mist is captivating.  It's frequency shifting ability that has attracted many regular users from practitioners, business people, designers, kids and pets love it too.

Sacred Light Aromatherapeutic Mist

SKU: 364215375135191
  • 100ml

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