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Evolution for your work and life.
Get Guidance, Inspiration and Coaching.

Program FAQ's

Inside The Program

Join me over eight weeks for the purposes of achieving your most intrinsic desire in your career and business.


The Top Three - FAQ's

Question: How is the Soul Synchronised Program different to other coaching programs?


First up I'm an established and experienced coach.  Often people buy into a coaching program only to discover there isn't much coaching at all and they are left to fend for themselves with a ton of content.  This happens when the people selling you the program call themselves coaches but don't have a background in transformational coaching which is pivotal in helping you overcome obstacles to achieve results.

Question:  How can I be assured I will receive the support I need in your program?

I personally start each person on the program, in addition on my weekly live group calls you aren't competing with dozens of people all vying to be the lucky person to have their questions answered by me.  You don't need that added stress in a learning environment.  My group cohorts are small, to ensure everyone has the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered by me to ensure a high quality learning experience with high touch support.  Throughout the program you also have other opportunities to have exclusive 1:1 sessions with me.

Question: What if I'm in a different time zone to you how can I still access your support live?

When I run a program I am aware of the time zones of all the students.  Group calls are recorded which you can catch up on.  If you wish to ask questions at these sessions you can send them in prior and I will answer it live knowing you will hear it the following day.  Also, all your 1:1 sessions with me are organised at time that works for your time zone.

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Student's Talk About Their Experience


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Module 1 - Foundation


Enhance self awareness and clarity to help you understand your choices and potential obstacles to achieving success.


Module 2 - Future


A profound guidance experience to see your future, the destination of where you want to be with clarity that inspires you like never before.  Activate your leadership potential with empowering and energising techniques.


Module 3 - Momentum


The roadmap forward revealed. Practice and internalise techniques that will focus your energy and propel you towards your desire outcomes.  Recognise and overcome the roadblocks to success.


Module 4 - Mindset


Embrace a new way of thinking.  Retrain you brain with customised techniques and tools for daily inspiration, stress management and increased vitality.


Module 5 - Insight


Learn high impact strategies for decision making using logic and intuition. Benefit from Silvana's intuitive mastery honed from decades of corporate and healthcare experience.


Module 6 - Soul Synchronised


Merge mind, body and intuition into life-long synchronicity.  Gain the confidence to create new possibilities and accelerate outcomes.  This is your secret weapon, the unfair advantage that successful people use to achieve their soul's desire.


Benefits You Can Expect 

  • Leadership From Within - Achieved by cultivating an energised vision of your future that guides decision-making.

  • Elevated Performance - Achieved through managing your inner power and understanding energetic intelligence.

  • Develop Your Inner Wisdom - Achieved by tapping into your inner visionary for powerful insights and fast decision making.

  • Expand Your Awareness - Achieved by aligning your internal and external views together.

  • Cultivate Wellbeing - Achieved by learning self care for mind, body and spirit to sustain high performance.

  • Clarity of Communication -  Achieved by clarifying your product or service.

  • Conscious Fulfilment -  Achieved through awakening unconscious fulfilment that already exists within you.

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