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Do you want to live better, do great work

and make an impact?


I'm still applying the learnings to influence my beliefs and behaviour and shape a fulfilling career. Life is awesome.

Working with Silvana transformed my life in many positive ways. I was feeling anxious and unhappy in my job and within six weeks she helped me achieve my goal of finding a role that is satisfying. Five years on I’m still applying the learnings to influence my success and shape a fulfilling career. Life is awesome.

The training has also helped me be myself and back myself and … live a more authentic life

I was feeling drained and not able to tap into my authentic power to overcome a tendency to recreate sabotage and old patterns and wasn’t able to fully access optimal decision making. Since working with Silvana I’ve been able to successfully turn around negative thinking to be more carefree, joyful and relaxed, back myself  and tap into my inner power and live a more authentic life.

I got my life back on track, to manage big changes and reconnected with my strengths and inner power

I’d always felt on track and empowered but thing slowly started crashing around me and I felt awash at sea and totally powerless. I clearly recall our first conversation I felt like I had 5 min of air left before I imploded yet as Silvana talked I could feel the pressure drain and I started to decompress. I got the strategies, techniques and tools to get back on track and manage big changes and reconnect with my inner power. I know first hand how pivotal her training has been in helping other professionals overcome obstacles and achieve.

I finally felt freedom and happiness after keeping myself small and limited for no valid reason 

I knew something was in the way but I didn’t know what.  Silvana’s amazing ability to cut through to the core of what is blocking you is something you have to experience, she describes it in such detail it’s incredible. This fast tracked my insights and progress so rapidly my head was spinning afterward from realising how I had kept myself small and limited for no valid reason.  After developing a vision for my career around being self-employed I felt a new freedom and happiness and within months met my soulmate.

I got unstuck after a testing time where my beliefs were holding me back.

I was experiencing a testing time in my life where limited beliefs and thoughts were troubling me and holding me back. As much as I attempted to come from an intuitive and empowered place I was ‘stuck’. This amazing woman with her sincere, compassionate and intuitive nature assisted me with her magical mindset techniques and more. I’m truly grateful.
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