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Get to the excitement of achieving a vision.

I help people clarify their vision

and put it in motion to live

an inspiring life.

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Tired of not being where you planned?

Fear of failure holding back important changes

Perfectionism interrupting progress 

Distractions taking focus off priorities and goals

Reliance on external validation impeding personal growth and development 

Negative self talk causing indecisiveness and procrastination

Discover a proven collaboration to elevate yourself, your results
and your life!


How's My Approach Different?

When it comes to achieving a vision for work and life most people get frustrated when they get stuck, because they can't identify what's wrong or how to fix it.  That's when they get distracted and question if they should continue. When you work with me, I help you with proven solutions designed to neutralise challenges before they threaten your forward momentum. With me you'll work on physical, mental and energetic levels to remain in flow. This will allow you to accelerate outcomes. I help leaders and business owners connect with an inspiring vision for their work and life that's aligned to achieving the life experience they most desire. I'm also a certified professional coach with the International Coaching Federation (PCC) a specialised intuitive, medium and formerly a public relations and marketing communications consultant.

What people are saying

Michael Tuffy.png


"I remembered thinking getting a big role would be difficult, then I did the work with Silvana and 7 days later I met a guy doing a start up and the rest is history".

-Michael Tuffy, Innovator | Customer Advocate | Executive Leader

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"I realised through working with Silvana there were other ways I could help people. I began exploring 1/1 consulting and life coaching and that brought me a whole other level of fulfilment"

-Anthony Ko, Management Consultant | Coach


Chey Birch.png

"I've brought a big dream to reality ...

The coaching journey with Silvana helped me transform myself to become who I needed to be to launch my brand and develop my business into the success it is today".

-Chey Birch, Founder, Skincare Brand Black Chicken Remedies

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