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Get to the excitement of achieving a vision.


I help people overcome uncertainty to make the right decisions to live a more fulfilling life.

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Tired of not being where you planned?

Are you regulary experience a tug of war between what your head and heart want to do?

Do you feel you should know how to move forward successfully but can't?

Are you uncertain about your future?

Do you consistently second guess yourself wondering if you're making the right decisions?

Are you driven and work hard but all your effort isn't moving you towards where you want to be?

Imagine having a clear vision of your future and a method for putting it in motion without selling your soul and sacrificing your health.

Discover a proven collaboration to elevate yourself and your results to live an inspiring life..


How's My Approach Different?

Are you frustated due to your goals for your business, work and life not working out like you hoped and you don't know how to fix it? If that's you, I want you to know I get you. Many business owners I've worked with were in the same position. But what these individuals did have was the drive to keep putting in the work and the willingness to work with me to get back on track so they could realise their dreams. Maybe that's also you? When you work with me what you'll learn about vision will change how work in your business and how you show up in your life. I'll introduce you to a method to guide you forward and ways to neutralise your specific challenges. With me you'll work on the physical, mental and energetic levels of yourself to put your vision in motion and to remain in flow. This will allow you to accelerate to the outcomes you need, to get to the excitement of achieving the vision you want. I'm a coach who holds a PCC credential with the International Coaching Federation, that means I'm highly qualified to guide you towards the personal transformation you need to make it all happen. I'm also a medical intuitive and spiritual medium and I'm able to use that expertise to help you accelerate your insights to make the transformation needed. I understand what it's like to be a business owner and the need to prioritise and meet daily challenges and opportunities while working towards big goals. I've also worked in larger businesses, spending decades working in corporate companies with turnovers under $3M, $50M and others in excess of $100M where I learn't the value of all the gold I'll be sharing with you. Whether your business makes physical or digital products, whether you sell services only, or you're a consultant, advisor, service provider or executive what I will teach you can be easily understood and applied right away to start transforming your life. If this is the kind of guidance you're looking for; click the Let's Talk button to chat with me!

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What people are saying

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"I remembered thinking getting a big role would be difficult, then I did the work with Silvana and 7 days later I met a guy doing a start up and the rest is history".

-Michael Tuffy, Innovator | Customer Advocate | Executive Leader

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"I realised through working with Silvana there were other ways I could help people. I began exploring 1/1 consulting and life coaching and that brought me a whole other level of fulfilment"

-Anthony Ko, Management Consultant | Coach


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"I've brought a big dream to reality ...

The coaching journey with Silvana helped me transform myself to become who I needed to be to launch my brand and develop my business into the success it is today".

-Chey Birch, Founder, Skincare Brand Black Chicken Remedies

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