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Yellow Stairs

Hi, I'm Silvana

Do you feel tension between

your work, direction and the

life you wish you were living?

And that negative voice in

your head isn't helping?

I help strivers resolve the stress and tension between their work, their direction and decision making, to create a life with greater finances, flow and fulfilment.  I also work with people who have achieved the success they desired and want an independent listener in their corner to support them to experience even greater growth in themselves and their life.

Are you good at what you do, yet your lifestyle isn't mirroring what you want it to be? Do you feel positive some days and consumed by money worries and a desire for greater happiness the next?

Do you toggle between being focused on kicking goals to achieve your dreams and then getting derailed by the needs of other people or another 'idea' and before you know it; motivation has evaporated and working on what you want has become too hard?

I hear you and I've got you!

What if you could transform your inner critic into a raving fan and get clear, inspired, focused and deeply connected to the most powerful aspect of yourself in a way that makes decision making easier and more effective.  And what if that causes the results you create that show up in your inner and outer world to elevate who you are at work and positively effect the other dimensions of your life...would you be interested? 


Yes?  Then stay with me...


This is no ordinary coaching.

Whether you work with me exclusively or apply for my group program Soul Synchronised, the experience can transform any feelings of being stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated or What the heck do I do next? into clarity, confidence and certainty about what steps to take!

If you're thinking this sounds amazing but I'm still not sure if I'd achieve that kind of transformation or what it would be like to work with you?

Have a listen to people who have worked with me.

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