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WHAT It's LIKE when we work together

I’m immensely grateful to these amazing humans who agreed to share their stories, so you could get a sense of what it is like to work with me. 


Mindset Coach | Leadership

Tanya has become more in demand.  She was able to help her clients move forward much quicker.  She also learned how to identify the problem under their problem. 

michael tuffy

Innovator | Customer Advocate | Executive Leader

Michael secured a pivotal role in a start up and optimised new ways of thinking and  applied this to his health and other areas of personal life to radically transform his life and now believes nothing is out of reach.


Executive | Health Technology

Greg was able to express his vision in a new and more powerful way than he had ever done which energised and aligned him with business opportunities that allow him to be himself and do what he loves.


Senior Executive | Banking

 Jo discovered how she could use her own power and remain true to herself to succeed in competitive working environments in a way that allowed her to keep growing and enjoying her contribution.

anthony ko

Management Consultant | Coach

Anthony a management consultant, realised through teaching, there are other ways he could help people. He extended his consulting skills to life coaching and that brought him a whole other level of fulfilment.


Artist | PhD Researcher

Susie went from thinking about creative flow as something that comes and goes to discovering that making 'mistakes' leads to growth and can produce new and exciting work.

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