What is your dominant perspective type?

The Everyday Miracle Maker needs to be flexible. Your inner and outer environments go through cycles of change just like the weather does each season.

There are three types to be mindful of;

Maybe, you need to withdraw for some inner reflection (miner); or perhaps you need a challenge (mountaineer); or maybe you need to remove yourself from the minutiae of your life to obtain a zoomed-out higher perspective (pilot).

the miner

MINER edited.png

Miners work underground; most of the time they aren’t seen. Their bodies expend a lot of effort, energy, and force to compensate for tough working conditions but the payoff can be gold and diamonds.

the mountaineer

mountaineer edited.png

Mountaineers climb up and down peaks searching for a higher perspective. The reward comes from reaching the summit and seeing something that few people experience firsthand.

the pilot

pilot edited.png

The Pilot has a bird’s-eye view of the sky, mountains, ground and ocean. You can travel vast distance quickly.

We can go through our life just as a Miner, just a Mountaineer or just a Pilot and not realise other environments and perspectives exist for us to discover. It’s valuable to recognise that we need to experience all of these to engage with our lives in a healthy and productive way.

By taking the Everyday Miracle Maker quiz, you’ll find out which of the three perspective types you apply most of the time— your default. When you learn this, you’ll be in a better position to understand how this favoured perspective has helped you in your life and career or how it has been limiting you. The 15-minute consultation is free and offered so I can explain to you the opportunities and approaches you can take to move forward with greater confidence and with a more balanced perspective. At they end of the day, it comes down to changing the way you view your life; and that is what perspective is.

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