"My only hesitancy in recommending Silvana is that the secret of how good she is will get out" – Michael Tuffy, Chief Operating Officer - Integrity Group

Much of what I do involves working closely with senior executives, CEO's and high profile business leaders. For most of my coaching career I've trained individuals and teams to create and sustain behavioural change through what they believe and how they think to optimise their performance and achieve business outcomes. 

I've supported clients to:

  • Learn to make holistic decisions, quickly and with confidence
  • Discover and develop their authentic leadership style
  • Broaden their communication style to create positive change
  • Explore new approaches to achieve business objectives
  • Identify opportunities in their underused leadership skills
  • Create stronger rapport with their team
  • Align their teams focus, effort and drive
  • Gain a promotion
  • Re-align their role
  • Pursue a new career path that aligns to their core values
  • Build deeper self-awareness
  • Prepare for media interviews

To discuss how best I can coach you personally or your team to be more effective and fulfilled at what you do, please get in touch.