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exercise: Reignite your focus

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

I’d like you to do this super quick exercise with me. It takes 5 minutes, and I guarantee whatever your results are, they will be super helpful whether you’re a business owner, service provider, a leader in an organisation, a stay-at-home parent or if you’re retired.


1. Open a new word document on your computer or have a notepad and pen ready.

2. I want you to read the statement aloud, then start writing whatever comes into your mind. Only choose one category to write about; go with the area that's on your mind most.

3. Don't stop and analyse what you are thinking after reading the statement, just keep writing or you'll block the flow and interrupt the power of this process.

Statement Example:

"If I had a fresh start in my [choose one category: career or business or romantic relationship or health or fitness or finances or ?], this is what I'd do differently:

I would…


1. Did you notice that you became energised and immediately had ideas?

2. Did you notice your energy shifted completely into thinking about your future?

3. Did you notice you'd take more risks?

4. Did you notice you'd think and behave differently?

If you answered YES, I want you to know you can give yourself permission right now to have a fresh start in that area of your life.

Starting today, you can design a path forward to achieve what you desire… but you will need to let go of one thing that can sabotage your success – and that’s looking in the rear-vision mirror and thinking… Why didn’t I do this earlier or why didn’t I know that earlier as my life would be so different to how it is now!

Commit right now to take one step forward today. Don't overthink it.

What action will you take and what help do you need?

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