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Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Have you ever felt disarmed around a certain person because they behave in ways that feel so authentic and transparent in your company… but you’re not?

Like the person is so comfortable communicating from their heart and are so at ease with just being themselves that it occurs to you, the thought of you being that way is scary!

If you've ever been in a situation like this and declined the invitation to meet someone with your authentic self, it might be because you felt you'd lose your 'protection'.⁠

⁠That kinda thinking is the result of unhealthy conditioning from your past that only serves to keep you separate from yourself and people you care about. ⁠

What I want you to know is…



Growing up we’ve all learned 'habitual' ways of being. Some are healthy and supportive and some unhealthy and unsupportive but we don't question them because we don't SEE them. That’s until the wheels fall off in an area of our life and we go seeking the WHY. ⁠

⁠Why did this happen … in order that we may prevent it happening again! After all wisdom is not having to learn the same thing twice., right?

HOW meditation helps

Vedic Meditation, with correct instruction and practiced, allows the body to release stress, tension and fatigue from recent events and those that are much deeper and go back a long way into our personal history. This lightening of the internal load, enables us to access our thoughts at increasing levels of clarity / purity so we may see situations as they truly are. To learn more about this.


Your authenticity when fully expressed has the power to energise your body and life at many levels because its origin is your soul self.

LET GO And lean in.

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