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why high quality thoughts matter

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Your thoughts are energetic and give off signals, but it's your repetitive thoughts that influence your behaviour in ways that either support or hinder your progress.


Your repetitive thoughts create 'imprints' in the energy field (aura) within and around your body. These imprints in your body's energy field can have a supportive or unsupportive influence on your health, wellbeing, work and relationships - basically your life!


1. Be deliberate in your thinking, focus on gratitude, be optimistic and surround yourself with people who appreciate the value of cultivating a positive mindset and keep developing yours. Want to know who these people are in your life? They are the ones that say 'thank you' a lot and often tell you how 'appreciative' they are.

2. Avoid feeding any repetitive negative thoughts with more focus and energy. It's like watering weeds and, bit by bit, over time, this energy becomes more dense and can manifest as a condition. If the repetitive negative thought involves a person, clear the air with them... if you can, to transform it. And if you can't focus on acceptance.

3. Everything you energise in your mind through your thoughts can be 'read' for your benefit by people with an ability like mine to reveal your blind spots faster. This gives you an opportunity to take action and close these self-awareness gaps, which will have a positive impact on all your relationships, specifically those you care about resulting in more fulfilling relationships.️


Whether you're interacting with your employer (or potential employer), employee, client (or potential client), your energy can be felt. You can mask your body language and your expression, but you cannot mask your energy. If anyone you want to influence isn't receptive to you - understand it's your energy and this will affect your ability to achieve what you want.

Understanding how to align your beliefs, thoughts, actions and language to succeed in promotions, contracts, hiring and in expanding your business or income, should not be overlooked.

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