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self care for busy people

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

When I ask people with a highly committed work schedule what their ‘self-care’ routine looks like, I’m often met with a blank stare or an exhale.

The problem is… without prioritising self-care, you can’t maintain high-quality work output because your mind and body relies on energy, clarity and calm for you to be consistent in your performance.

Grounding is the process of balancing your physical, emotional, mental and energy state and reconnecting them which delivers increased energy and a sense of calm . This can e achieved in a variety of ways that are easy to to do, especially if you have a tight schedule.

Here are some easy to implement self care tips with an option to adding a ‘dose of discipline’: ⠀

■ 30 MINS OF BRISK WALKING TWICE A DAY. It might just be at your local park in the morning and early evening. **Dose of discipline - leave your phone in airplane mode or listen to music or leave it at home. Walking w/ buddies is fun but talking down time is better.⠀

■ 15-30 MINUTES MEALS. Identify 4 fav fast to assemble nutritious lunches and dinners and have the set groceries delivered weekly. And/Or order prepared food for most of your week to avoid skipping meals or getting take out comfort food. Eating early also has many health and energy benefits. ⠀ **Dose of discipline - close the laptop, move away from your phone and avoid watching TV - just eat.⠀⠀

■ 20 MINUTES MEDITATION TWICE A DAY. For optimal benefits of clearing past and current stress, tension and fatigue from the body/ nervous system, and improving physical and mental health conditions. Once a day to clear current stressors. Ask me about Vedic Meditation.⠀ **Dose of discipline - meditate at set times morning and evening (before dinner) so your body just flows w/ routine rather than you asking yourself ‘ do I feel like it?’⠀

I've not met a successful person that was able to maintain their success without a self-care routine they stuck to every day that allowed them to maintain their clear thinking, energy levels and their poise no matter what known or unknown challenge came their way


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