It all started when...

Former HR Executive Vicki had left a challenging role to focus on raising her children.  Although she loved being home with her kids, she felt something was missing. She’d always had a dream of starting her own business but a lack of confidence and not knowing where to start had her suffering from paralysis by over analysis.

How did I help you?

Without your help my idea of supporting entrepreneurial women and launching a thoughtful gift box company would have stayed a pipe dream. With your coaching and guidance I was able to shed my self-doubt and hit the ground running.  Your help was practical, pragmatic and intuitive. You helped me learn to trust in myself.

Did you believe my help would work?

Yes! I knew I had some personal blockers to work through and that I needed someone who would hold me to account. I think it's important to believe in the process and be completely open in order for it to work. I believed in you and your abilities from the moment I met you.

How has your life changed because of my help?

Not only have I launched my new business, but also I’ve changed the way I talk to myself. My relationships with others have improved, previous perceptions and expectations have been removed and unhealthy habits and behaviours have been reprogrammed. Surprisingly, your advice also helped with my family dynamic. You gave us tools and techniques to handle difficult situations and emotions, which has been a huge help.

Within six months of starting my business I’d sold over 250 gift boxes with an average price of $100, and am home with my children after school each day.


A critical part of change is adopting the 7 keys I developed through years of study, research and coaching, to help people through the process.

When starting a business many people dismiss what they feel is authentically them and they ignore their intuitive impulses in decision-making. I tell my clients the best decision-making is through a holistic use of logic and intuition. For Vicki, trusting herself around what she wanted to do and how she wanted to do it was the most challenging aspect. When we want something to be successful we think that others can do better than what we can come up with. It’s a slippery slope to launch a business with that way of thinking and it’s difficult to trust yourself later.