The Wrong Thing
This is the goal you chose because you thought you should or someone whose opinion you value told you that you should. You wanted to achieve it… but couldn’t stay pumped about it. Your enthusiasm and energy to work on it came in fits and bursts and all of a sudden it was December 2018 and you weren’t where you hoped you’d be :-(
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The Bean Stalk 
You started out with one or two achievable goals in 2018 but then you got over excited and decided there were other things you wanted or needed in your life the same year. Your goal list grew and grew until overwhelm and stress set in and you could no-longer see the end in sight and felt paralysed to keep taking action.
The Miss Daisy
Your normal working speed is akin to a 1949 Hudson Commodore in Driving Miss Daisy and there is nothing wrong with that, knowing your speed is central to the completion expectations you put on yourself- don't confuse this with procrastination. Yet you set yourself deadlines that could only be met you worked like a Formula 1 Ferrari. As you fell behind rather than reviewing and setting more realistic deadlines, you heaped on the pressure and forgot results matter more than speed.
The Grinch
You set yourself a desire and you achieved it (woohoo) but when it came time to recognising your hard work and giving yourself that well earned reward whether it was a celebration with your nearest or dearest or buying yourself that reward, you morphed into the Grinch and spent nothing and did nothing with no-one.  This opportunity to train your unconscious mind that success brings rewards that you want more of was lost.
The Excuser
You did all the research and planning to achieve your most ambitious desire in 2018. There were lots of days you needed a pep talk, short cuts to save you time and energy, guidance to help you keep your self talk optimistic and having someone to talk to that was on your side.  But rather than getting the support you needed, you gave yourself a range of excuses why you couldn’t afford to get any help to make your biggest dream come true.