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NO ORDINARY COACHING.  no ordinary coach.

Have you noticed…there are times when no matter how hard you try you just can’t move forward in your life or work like you want to?


And months when you're aware your thoughts are largely negative and though you try and focus on thinking positively, it just doesn't stick?


How about when you’re going through a career transition, want a bigger role or need to pivot your business and you're wishing you had an independent and experienced supporter to help you get clarity around what you want and why so you can design a path towards achieving it?

Have you ever reached a stage in your life when you're content but  you're also wondering what's next and how will I know?


If this speaks to you and you're up for a more rewarding coaching experience than being assessed against models, having everything you say played back to you and believe vanilla works in ice cream, but not coaching, then you're in the right place.

You can expect your sessions with me to be dynamic, engaging, insightful and highly transformative.

What others say about working me.


Couple that with tried and tested techniques, processes, tools and tips that fast track mental shifts, clear emotional blocks, call back your energy from past disappointments, regroup your power and draw on my decades of expertise in intuition to make yours reliable (yes, you heard right) and learn how to live a more soul inspired life, then we're a match!

At a time where it seems everyone is calling themselves a "coach" and social media is flooding your feed with highly targeted marketing campaigns it can be confusing to know who to trust.  Rest assured I have the qualifications (International Coaching Federation PCC credential) expertise and experience to support you, so you can achieve the results you want.  

To find out more book a free consultation to start chatting.


It's a thought provoking creative process that inspires you to achieve your potential by partnering with me as your coach to create a path to greater personal and professional fulfilment.



-Unlock Imagination, Productivity, Creativity 

-Develop Your Inner Wisdom

-Achieve What You Desire Personally and Professionally

-Overcome Negative Thinking

-Spiritual Growth

-Expanded Awareness

-Increased Performance

-Energy Management



Each session is a partnership where I use a variety of techniques coupled with mind and heart opening questions. I also share my intuition, experience and knowledge as appropriate to facilitate dynamic and immersive coaching sessions that are as enjoyable as they are life transforming.



As a coach, I help you identify problematic thoughts and behaviours to help you elevate yourself and your results, to achieve what you desire.  In coaching you do work with your past but only to enable you to take action that will move you forward. Coaching is largely present and future oriented.

Psychotherapists are mental health practitioners.  They are trained to help anyone facing mental illness concerns.  For example, anxiety, depression, bi-polar, PTSD.  Psychotherapy is more past and present oriented.

it's free

Are you ready to welcome new opportunities?

Are you ready to feel more energised?

Are you ready to experience greater confidence and happiness?

Then take the first step! 

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