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There is no point working hard and making lots of sacrifices to achieve your dreams, only to have worn yourself out, be in poor health not surrounded by the people you want to share your success with, right?

"think of my medical intuitive skill as a program working silently in the background of your coaching sessions looking out for you"

When you type an email or create a document on your computer there's a program running in the background that's scanning what you've written for mismatches like, grammar and spelling based on the language you've selected. When the program suspects a mismatch it highlights the mismatch on the screen for you to either resolve with its suggestions or you can opt to simply ignore them.  When I'm working with you in a coaching session on whatever it is that you desire in your life, my medical intuition skill is like that program working in the background and it will alert me of a mismatch on an aspect of yourself that is in conflict with what you want to achieve for me to bring that to your attention.  It might be related to conflicts between what you want to achieve and your current state of wellbeing, relationships, thinking and behaviour and so on.

Now, imagine having weekly coaching sessions with me with that kind of program working silently in the background looking out for you as you take steps forward to open to greater possibility and experience more of your potential?


Do you feel you'd benefit from that additional level of support?

People I work with consider their one on one coaching sessions with me dynamic for this reason, listen to what they say. 




A Medical intuition reading can be secured as a standard alone session where I scan and read your body and energy field to support you with increased insight and awareness to help you take the next step in

experiencing greater wellbeing.  


if you have a wellbeing concern

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