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Meet The Founder


Silvana is the bestselling author of Everyday Miracle Maker and a qualified business coach

with over 25 years’ experience guiding and training professionals in Australia and internationally

to achieve career and personal success in numerous fields.

A gifted intuitive, Silvana worked as a complementary therapist alongside doctors in a medical clinic for many years. Applying her powerful sensory perception, Silvana can read a patient’s energy to identify and explain the connection between an ailment and their mind and body to facilitate healing. These exceptional skills were lauded by health professionals, proving a natural fit within the corporate world.


In the workplace Silvana became acutely aware of the edge her intuition afforded her. The ability to sense personalities and intentions, opportunities and offers gave her an extraordinary advantage over her peers. It became clear to Silvana that this skill should be taught; and through training, professional people could develop their own intuition for financial and personal gain.

Listening to her inner wisdom, Silvana has pursued her passion to become a renowned business coach, creating the Soul Synchronised program

Silvana is a PCC credentialed withe the International Coaching Federation.  This recognition sets her apart from other coaches specialising in intuition, as does her commitment to the highest ethical standards of practice in the field. Clients of Silvana’s include CEOs, CFOs, senior executives, and business owners.

Graduates of one on one coaching and her Soul Synchronised program have raved that Silvana’s level of presence, connection and intuitive abilities are incomparable to any other coach they have worked with before; and that they continue to use intuition as a means to accomplish their personal and professional aspirations.

Are you ready to harness your untapped potential?

The most powerful motivating force in life lies within you, Silvana can help you use it to achieve what your soul desires.

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Jo Hahlos

Senior Executive | Banking


I learned that I'm a unique person and I have special skills, I don't need to be like another person
or director. I 
don't need to play in that field with them, I've got my own field to play in.

I’m able to see and explain the connection between what's showing up in your life and your energy to help you master the challenges and opportunities evident in your mind, body, relationships and life! 

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Powerful Intuition

The specialised intuition power I have tapped into, also resides in you.
All I need to do is give you the correct training to unleash this power in you and guide you on how to use it
to accelerate your career, income, relationships, health and financial success.


I’ll give you the right tools and knowledge so you can activate the energy frequency shifts in your mental,
emotional, physical states to improve your life experiences.

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