We process around 50,000-70,000 thoughts a day.  Whoa!  But have you noticed you don’t recall having that many thoughts?  One of the reasons is because some of your thoughts are more interesting to you than others; they’re the ones you choose to remember and take action on.

When you have a captivating thought it fills you with enthusiasm and energy.  Your thoughts could be so awesome they could make your life better and possibly the world a healthier and happier place for everyone.  Your thoughts my friend, have the power to do this and more.

But, thoughts and ideas like eggs aren’t created equal.

Thoughts worth keeping

“I’ve worked long hours this week.   Tomorrow, I’m going to schedule time for exercise and to cook myself healthy food, so I feel better”

“I’m having trouble sleeping – I just can’t stop worrying.  Today, I’m going to make a call to get help with managing stress”.

“I’m going to stop posting on social media around the clock, just because my competitors do.  It isn’t a good reason for me to keep doing it”

Thoughts worth tossing

“I need to work for myself because no employer has ever valued me, they’ve only criticised me”

“I’ve decided to stop going out to meet new people.  My ex drained me of everything including my fun and confidence in social situations”

Here’s the clincher

A supportive thought is accompanied by thoughts and language of self-responsibility.  Your mindset: I created this at some level and I have the power to change it. I’m going to do that.

An unsupportive thought conversely is absent of thoughts and language of self-responsibility.  Your mindset: I can’t change it – it’s done.  He, she or they are responsible for it or have to make it happen; I have no control over changing it.

Are you holding onto an unsupportive thoughts?  If you are, maybe it’s time to toss it.

There’s only one thing worse than an idea that’s going nowhere, except towards increased stress and that’s…sticking with it.

You don’t loose face when you say…

“I underestimated the personal and professional challenges of my idea, and I’m glad I gave it a go”.
“I thought now was the time to pursue this, but in hindsight I realise it isn’t – so I’ve changed my plans too”

When you have the courage to change your mind for the better, you can be sure your perspective on your life is healthy and realistic.

Easter isn’t just about eggs and bunnies, it has a deeper meaning and the message is around new life.  It can be the perfect time to start again in any area of your life.  Energetically it is a time where a wave of renewal energy can sweep through your life and revitalise it; if you let it.

Catching the wave is easy.  Just decide to toss one idea that’s causing you lots of stress and follow a more supportive one instead.  It will build your self-esteem and can turn your life around right now.

Give yourself permission to change your mind.  People who love and care about you will understand.

You have great ideas.  Make the next one – even better.